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The Blanket Hoodie - Maroon (One size fits all)

The Blanket Hoodie - Maroon (One size fits all)

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The Blanket Hoodie is the most comfortable oversized hoodie that keeps you totally snug and warm.

-Providing head to toe warmth, while making you look  comfortable and stylish.

-Roomy and oversized for complete coverage.

Made of the softest, most luxurious blanket fabric and lined with the ultimate in warming, comfort.

-It's specifically made of ultra-soft fleece on the outside and  plush Sherpa material on the inside. 

-The Sherpa material keeps you warm by keeping you body heat inside and not letting much of it out which building  it up to make you warmer.

-The ultra-soft fleece is a layer that helps with letting a sufficient a amount of air in keeping you warm and not letting you overheat.


 For user safety:

- Skin Friendly

- Anti Fade (Colour)

- Breathable (For Skin)

- Light Weight (User moves freely in warmth) 

- Anti-pill (Makes the product last longer)

The Huggle Hoodie can be used in various ways and in environments to keep you warm:

-Perfect for indoors and outdoors.

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